Certainly you mean his pet Skunk-Bear.
Leigh. Student. Scorpio. Pole Vaulter. Gymnast. ♥ Things I post include Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, other miscellaneous shows, and anything that I find remotely funny. It’s pretty much a mess.


my only rationale for working out: so I might someday be as tough as Korra. instead I’m a noodle. 

but for all my fitness-oriented followers, Blogilates is AWESOME if you’re super busy and don’t have time to kill in the gym. they’re short but super intensive workouts. you might curse Cassey Ho’s peppiness but you’ll be glad she’s smiling as she drills you to a pulp.


Battle Couple —> "The kind of couple where bullets figure prominently in the story of their early romance. Where "war buddy" and "significant other" are synonyms. Where if you harm either one, the other will kill you as surely as the sun rises."

OH HI AGAIN! Being in a photoset with Sherbies is great. :) Mine is the middle one!

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Korra and the Belugaconda

My obsession with beluga whales finally reveals itself! As does my love for Legend of Korra! I’m still waiting patiently for Book Two and all the animal spirits. I realized too late that my beluga whale should be a mix of two animals in this universe, so his bottom half is serpentine.

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Why do I procrastinate everything so much?? Oh that’s right, it’s fourth quarter of my senior year.

Day 160.


There is no Book 3 yet.


Humans who cross over to the Spirit World cannot use their bending, unless they enter it through the spirit portals.



The next Avatar. 

Still better than that piece of shit movie…

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Headcanon: Korra likes to publicly mock/tease Mako in a playful way

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♥ makorra is the best ship 



I changed the description of this blog. It is beautiful.

Once upon a time I built a Sim school. Then I got peer-pressured into creating the Krew. So welcome to the “direct to VHS” sequel of the show: Where we wonder whether Makorra’s pregnancies, Bolin’s quest for love and Irosami’s soap opera will ever end.”

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Ink Drawings - 2012

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Bending + Eye Color
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